How to Read One Book Per Day

Master speed reading techniques and read every free minute.

The average adult reads between 120 and 180 words each minute. The standard volume of a book is 60-100 thousand words. Let's count. If you read at a rate of 150 words per minute on average, you will finish an 80,000-word book in about nine hours. Having mastered the techniques of speed reading, you will cope much faster.

Some books are meant to be tasted, while others are meant to be swallowed. Only a few are meant to be chewed and digested.

Francis Bacon

Use peripheral vision

Look at the gap between two words, not the word itself. Try to read both words at once, and then look at the next pair of words. With this approach, the eyes are less likely to be in a fixed position and move more. Therefore, you will read more words per minute.

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To strengthen the skill, take a quick look at the phrase and then repeat it. As you read, look at the middle of the line, pay no attention to the words around the edges.

Then try reading in groups of words. One group is 4-16 words located side by side, which can be read without moving your gaze. Your reading speed will increase because of this approach. You do not say a word to yourself.

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Skim chapters

Read the chapter title and the first few paragraphs or pages. This will help you understand what the author wants to say. Then skim through the subheadings to see what this is about. Skim the paragraphs' opening and closing sentences. Continue if you understand the point. If not, read the entire paragraph.

When you understand the essence of the chapter, you can safely flip through entire pages. Further, the author's arguments are likely to be repeated.

This technique should not be used for fiction books. However it is useful if you need to identify the author's main idea or argument quickly.

Make statements

Naturally, with this speed of reading, you will not remember everything. Take notes. Create a separate file or notebook for this. Or mark important places in the text to return to them later.

Read every free minute.

In transport, in line, during a break. Replace watching TV shows with reading. The future benefits will outweigh the short-term pleasure of entertainment.

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If you run out of time throughout the day, listen to audiobooks. Turn them on while driving to work, cleaning, shopping, exercising. Increase the playback speed to listen faster. When there is time to sit down and read, return to the book.

Start gradually

You are not required to read a book each day. If you want to read more and better, gradually build up your speed. Don't berate yourself if you can't read a book in a day. It just takes practice.

Choose a book that pleases you. And the experiment. You'll be motivated to keep reading more and more.


  • Choose your speed reading books carefully. Decide what this book is for. For example, it will help you become better, learn something new, develop a career.
  • Look in the book for top ideas to help you move towards your goals.
  • Read not only when you are in the mood but constantly. Open the book when you have a free minute and read at least a couple of paragraphs. If you are reading on your phone, turn off all notifications so as not to be distracted.
  • If you can't block out distractions, wear headphones. To focus, turn on white noise.
  • If you don't like the book at all, move on to the next one. Don't waste your time.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

Sources: Life hacker