How to Promote a Reading Culture in my Child

Strengthening reading habits in children is essential to enhance reflective thinking, imagination, and creativity of the little ones. Nowadays, children find it difficult to read by themselves, and that makes their imaginations suffer.

There are many stimuli that distract their minds and are more attractive because it is not necessary to think, such as television, video consoles, computer, any excuse is valid before reading. This must change, and that is why we want to advise you on how to promote reading in your child.

Start Early

Encourage your child's reading with interesting readings from an early age.

Do it as a Family

Dedicate a moment a day to read as a family. This way, in addition to spending time together, you will be promoting reading.

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Get Books they Like

Enhance your child's reading with books that he likes and that have pictures that help him understand the story and have fun reading.

Get Books Suitable for their Level

When your child begins to read, give him readings that suit his level. Never give him a higher level because he will get frustrated or lower because he will be bored. Check their level and adapt the books to their ability and interest.

Never Force Them

Do not force him to read what he does not want. Let him choose those readings that interest him. If he starts a story and leaves it in the middle because he doesn't like it, don't force him to finish it. Sometimes finding a topic that we like is complicated. You must discover your tastes. Just guide you.

Make it Clear

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It encourages reading for leisure, for enjoyment. Don't confuse reading at school with reading for pleasure at home. School reading is designed to make her progress in her literacy; the one that you enhance at home is to promote her habit so that she relates to reading with leisure time and not just obligation or homework.

Encourage Them

Do not reward your child with material things for having read, remind him that reading in itself is already a reward, because, with reading, he learns, travels without moving, has a good time, imagines, reflects, relaxes, is scared, etc.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

Sources: Uncomo