Only Calmness: Three Ways To Deal With Frightening Thoughts

Frightening thoughts in the head periodically appear in many people. But only some know how to cope with them, while others - under the yoke of negativity, can pretty much ruin their lives. Here are three ways to deal with frighteningly negative thoughts:

1. Understand that impulsive, critical, and even overt negative thoughts are normal

These thoughts cannot be called "socially acceptable," so few people want to come to terms with what is actually going on in their heads. However, your mind can be a real smoking cauldron of insidious designs. And if you delve into normal people's thoughts, then even the kindest and most reserved person always showed his rather dark side.

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And that's quite normal. After all, who would not struggle with their skeletons in the closet at the deepest level, be it the average teenager hiding with a cigarette or one of the most prominent professionals in his field.

Only Calmness: Three Ways To Deal With Frightening Thoughts
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2. Thoughts are just thoughts. And they will always be only thoughts

The thought is just a small burst of neurotransmitters. According to some studies, such emissions occur several thousand times per hour. But there can be no accurate measurements since the brain never rests and constantly processes an incredible amount of information.

Some of this information comes to the surface when we consciously pay attention to it and give it meaning. Isn't it interesting that we only attach importance to negative things while ignoring positive things? These are all our negative psychological attitudes.

Negative attitudes are anything that binds us to our inner anxiety. They are powerful. These are quite real things, and everyone should know about them, no matter how difficult it is to come to terms with them.

In any case, these are just thoughts. They cannot be called good or bad. And they are endowed with only the importance that we ourselves attach to them. Can you not be so serious with them? If so, then you will immediately have a choice.

3. The solution exists

And this is not some magical solution. No one can wave a magic wand that will clear your mind, filling you with a pure golden glow. You are a person with all his flaws and vulnerabilities.

Given everything mentioned before, if you wish to solve internal problems, you can thereby clear your thoughts and find peace of mind. This cannot be achieved in my personal experience if you continue to struggle with every thought you have. This will only set you up for war with yourself.

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You can come to a pure mind only by solving your internal problems.

What is at the heart of your negative thoughts?

Define it. Point out your problem and surround yourself with the truth. Then you will understand what you need to do. It is doable. And this is a much better way than to continue to be at the mercy of your psychological demons.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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