Looking for a Salary Raise? Read This.

Every worker has wanted, at some time in his life, to get a raise in salary. However, many of the people who have raised it have abandoned the idea for not knowing how to present it correctly to their superiors.

Asking for a raise is no secret. You need to have a little insight. We teach you how to do it easily by following the following steps:

Steps to follow:

Step One

Analyze the work you have been doing so far. If your responsibilities have been drastically increased or your schedule has been modified, and you are working more hours than agreed, you should go ahead with the idea of asking for a salary increase. Also, examine, in the same way, if the result of your work has multiplied the company's productivity.

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Step Two

Find out what the salary of people in a similar position is. It is a complicated situation, and you cannot run the risk of asking for a salary increase if the other workers are in line with your current salary. This method will also work well if you find that the other employees are charging slightly more than you.

It is the perfect formula to know what monetary amount we are talking about and not spoil the situation by asking for a completely exorbitant increase in salary.

Step Three

Write about why you think they should accept your proposal. Remember to argue each of your points in a small outline correctly. Knowing what you are going to say will help you show confidence in front of your superior.

Step Four

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At the time of the interview/meeting, be sure of yourself and argue the increase you demand with confidence. If your boss considers the moment opportune and appreciates the kindness with which you have reasoned your salary increase, do not hesitate to study your proposal.

More Tips

  • Never threaten your boss by leaving the company if you don't get a raise.
  • Do not include in your arguments that other workers charge more than you. Your superior might find it annoying if you compared payroll.
  • Make sure it's a good time to increase your salary.
  • Make sure the boss is in a good mood.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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