Tune In To The Right Wave: Affirmations For Harmony And A Happy Life

Affirmations help tune in to the right wave. These are short attitudes that you utter and thereby program yourself for what you want. Many people want to live happily and in harmony, but this is not always possible for various reasons. To rectify the situation, here are the correct affirmations for harmony and happy life.

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How to read or listen to harmony affirmations?

These affirmations need to be read or listened to carefully, putting all feelings and emotions into every word. You need to read or listen to the entire text. If there is a need, you can listen to affirmations for harmony every day. Pass through all the pleasant feelings and emotions that fill the text.

Tune In To The Right Wave: Affirmations For Harmony And A Happy Life
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Affirmations for harmony

  • I calmly look at the path that I have traveled, everything I have done and has not done, and I leave it behind. I forgive myself for all mistakes and praise myself for all achievements. I am the most beloved person on the entire planet. And this love heals my soul.
  • My life consists of many stages, each of which was important and necessary at one time. I calmly complete this part of my journey and open myself to new horizons. I leave behind pain, resentment, bitterness, disappointment. I give up all hopes, despair, doubts. I become a blank sheet, a book without a single letter, which makes me so easy.
  • I easily leave behind my back, everything that was up to this moment. In my future, I take only the experience and wisdom that I received. I give up all attachment and boldly look ahead. Nothing matters like what's inside. Nothing makes sense without a feeling of love. I direct my attention inside myself and see great love there.

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  • My life takes on lightness and freshness; I feel inner peace and harmony. I am overwhelmed by silence and inner balance. Everything that was up to this moment becomes unimportant. Everything after this moment does not exist yet. I am "here and now," and this moment is wonderful.
  • My life is divided into "before" and "after." I'm in the middle. There are no past experiences and negative feelings; there are no future emotions, fears, or hopes. Here I am, my harmony, my lightness, my freshness, my inner rich world. Here there is an opportunity to stay in silence, slow down, feel inner strength and harmony, and find real pure calmness.
  • I breathe out everything that has accumulated up to this moment and let go of my past with gratitude. I fill my heart with love and open towards a wonderful and happy future. My future life is harmonious, pure, priceless, full of happiness, success, joy, and love.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

Sources: Today Lifestyle