How Is Relocation Related To Happiness: An Astropsychologist's Answer

Moving to another place - an apartment, office, another city, changes not only your physical location. This can affect your destiny. Astrophysicists are sure of this, who told how the move is associated with a feeling of happiness, reports " Lisa."

New coordinates in the horoscope will bring changes. Each of us is born at a specific time, in a specific place. These data form the basis of the natal chart (birth horoscope). However, there is also a local map in astrology - the horoscope of the place of residence. Many people hardly leave the region of their birth and occasionally go to other cities and countries on vacation.

These trips are always associated with new sensations, events, emotions. And it's not just about changing the scenery. As you move, your horoscope is adjusted to reflect the new location. And if the vacation passes quickly, without affecting the fate in general, then when moving to a permanent place of residence, the choice of direction should be very thoughtful.

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Learn to wait

When choosing a new place of residence, it is better to consult an astrologer. But you can also check by trial and error. Imagine that you have moved to another city, having received an invitation to a well-paid job. Until you get comfortable in a new place, start making big money, learn how to spend it correctly, time will pass.

Astrologers believe that significant changes take at least a year to manifest. During this time, the Sun goes through a full cycle, through all the zodiac signs and the House of the horoscope. And only after that, external, eventual changes fit inside, creating new facets of personality, goals and ultimately changing lives. After spending only a month in a new place, you will not see the full picture. Therefore, if you move in August, you can conclude only in August next year.

How Is Relocation Related To Happiness: An Astropsychologist's Answer
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Don't look for the ideal

It is important to understand that there is no perfect place to live. If something changes radically for the better when you move, there is a high probability of negative changes in another area of ​​life. For example, in childbirth problems, it is often advised to move and change the climate, environment, and city. From an astrological point of view, it means to shift the grid of the horoscope houses.

However, the negative astrological aspects from the sphere of the horoscope responsible for children will not evaporate. They will move to another area, such as the area of ​​work. And over time, there may be problems with employment, troubles at work, or communication with the team.

This astrological law is always valid. This means that heaven on earth, unfortunately, cannot be found. Every country can present you with new events, interesting life experiences, and vivid acquaintances. But everywhere, there will be pluses and minuses since there are no ideally harmonious horoscopes.

Therefore, when evaluating the results of the move, do not complain about fate. Just choose what is more important to you.

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Where we go?

An astrologer can predict the exact consequences of the move by drawing up your local horoscope. But there are some general rules as well. The distance from the former place of residence should be large enough - at least 500 km. When choosing, try to refrain from stereotypes like "I'm going to conquer the capital." Rely on your inner feelings, listen to your intuition.

Local horoscope. What happens when you move?

Your life events are inextricably linked with geography - with the latitude and longitude at which you live. When you move and even a short trip, your base natal chart (birth horoscope) does not change. But due to the change in coordinates, the Houses of the horoscope are shifted, which are responsible for different spheres of life. And this sets a completely new development of events.

Moving affects exactly the event side. Thanks to new events in a new place, you gradually change yourself, new interests, and new habits appear. It is important to understand that big changes happen gradually and take time.

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