Three Main Reasons Why Women Cheat

It is more difficult for a woman to decide on treason than for a man. A mechanism of loyalty to their partner is built into the psyche of women at an unconscious level, unlike men, who have to consciously resist testosterone's powerful influence, which requires new sexual partners. Psychologist Alexander Shakhov spoke about this on his Instagram and named the three most common reasons for female infidelity.

“My attitude to any, whether male or female, infidelity is sharply negative. And so that there are fewer of them, we will try to understand the reasons,” says the psychologist.

1. Lack of emotional attention from the partner

When a man is unaware of a woman's emotional needs, the woman is bound to cheat. Also, when a woman tries to convey that she needs attention, care, kisses, hugs, romantic evenings in private, conversations, and emotional support, the man does not attach much importance to this, says Alexander. ⠀

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Most women try to convey their needs for attention to men, but since they do not know male psychology and speak a non-male language, their attempts are doomed to failure.

If a woman at this moment, when she feels offended, lonely, rejected, deceived, when she, hungry for attention and admiration, meets a man who sympathetically listens to her, she will give herself to him, and then will suffer from guilt. According to my observations, this is the reason for 80% of female infidelities.

Three Main Reasons Why Women Cheat

2️. Feelings have gone cold

If a woman still loves her man in the first case and a sign of this is her feeling of guilt, then there are no feelings here, and there is no guilt either. Another option is that there was no feeling of love from the very beginning. You will be surprised how many women get married, because nobody is better, and probably won't be.

3. Romantic infatuation

If the husband's relationship is strong enough, then the random charming manipulator Casanova can turn his head and get what every man wants from a woman.

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“Somewhere, I met an interesting survey among American women for a long time. To the question“ Being married, if you met a famous Hollywood actor, would you cheat with him? ”70% of women answered in the affirmative. And when they were asked why, they answered: "It would increase my self-esteem and give me a pleasant memory in life," - said the psychologist.

Thus, it turns out that 70% of women cannot remember anything exciting in a relationship with a husband, and therefore they are ready to get a drive on the side. Of the possible reasons, there are still sexual dissatisfaction, revenge, moral promiscuity, or mental disorders, the psychologist added.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

Sources: Today Lifestyle