This is How Friends Affect Our Performance

Friends directly affect our ability to be productive and achieve meaningful results. We will figure out why this is happening and tell you how to form a close communication circle. After planning, the second step towards any change in life is organization.

There are three key life resources:

  • time
  • energy
  • money

In this article, we will talk about people  who are included in the circle of our closest communication.

There is a good African proverb: "Go alone if you want to move quickly, but go together if you want to travel far." It now serves as a crucial rule for me.  I am aware that achieving excellent outcomes requires being among deserving people.

Each of us has people in our immediate environment who contribute to our growth. At the same time, some slow down this growth and pull us down. The only question is how to preserve the former and reduce the influence of the latter.

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Who prevents us from moving forward?

There is an excellent rule of arithmetic n dealing with people; if most of your friends are convinced that beer in the middle of a working day on Wednesday is the norm, it will most likely be the norm for you as well.

You can choose any criterion, and check it simply; write down your

This is How Friends Affect Our Performance

, make a list of your closest friends, mark those who of them will support you in it. You may find that some of these beliefs were once imposed by “caring” friends who surrounded you with a solid wall.

When I began to realize that not all friends have a positive influence on me, I decided to reconsider my inner circle.

How to determine with whom to continue a relationship

1. A friend has a purpose in life

It is important to me that a person strives for something. This applies to the life goal but also to the principles by which a person lives, his relationship to family, work, and success. Some people are used to unacceptable things to me, for example, hatred of their work. And if there are too many such discrepancies, I speak frankly with the person.

2. A heart-to-heart conversation

You definitely shouldn't leave by slamming the door and telling your friend, "You are a loser. I am a winner, so we will not succeed in friendship."

You should always be honest with someone you consider to be a close friend. Tell about what you strive for and what is important to you. And after that, it is better to explain what is difficult for you to accept directly.

Further, two scenarios are possible; a friend understands everything, and we support each other in achieving personal goals, or we silently, and sometimes even with accusations, disagree. The second option was never pleasant to me, but once again reminded me of why this happened.

This is How Friends Affect Our Performance
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Who is ready to lend a shoulder

Undoubtedly, we value those people who are ready to support us for the fact that we have them. Sometimes you don't need more, but sometimes you need to put in a little more effort. There are enough people in my environment, but I do not always manage to maintain stable relations with them. Largely because I did not understand what such a relationship was.

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Today I define them by just one metric - communication frequency. In friendship, we frequently adopt a passive attitude. We are waiting for someone to write to us, call us or offer to meet.

Maintaining contact with your closest friends is crucial. Write once a week, meet once a month, have your own schedule, but you must admit that it is not difficult to devote personal time to a person e value.

Don't wait for the right moment, but write, call or make an appointment with someone you consider a good friend. Remember the Little Prince's warning: “People don't have enough time to learn anything. They buy clothes, ready-made in stores. But there are no shops where they trade with friends, and consequently, people no longer have friends. "


Organize your contact list and add undesirable phone numbers on the blacklist. The people around us directly affect our ability to be happy, achieve significant results, and live a fulfilling life. And only you choose what kind of people they will be.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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