How To Remove Bruises Under The Eyes Quickly And Permanently

Sometimes just adding water is enough. Read on to find other options.

What are the causes of bruising under the eyes

Here are the most common factors that make the skin "blue."

1. Fatigue, lack of sleep

When you have no strength, the processes in the body slow down. And this makes sense because the body only desires one thing - to hibernate to recover.

Blood circulates more slowly, stagnates, vessels dilate. The capillaries under the eyes are located close to the surface. After expanding, they start to show through the thinnest layer of skin. This is how bruises appear.

In the area of ​​the eyes, the thickness of the skin is approximately 0.5 millimeters.

Bonus; along with blood circulation, lymph drainage slows down. Because of this, edema appears - bags under the eyes.

2. Eyestrain

Perhaps you have been sitting in front of the monitor for too long or have been concentrating on reading some text. Due to the strain, the blood vessels beneath the eyes dilate again and begin to show through the skin.

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3. Iron deficiency anemia

Anemia is a lack of hemoglobin, an oxygen-transporting protein that goes from the lungs to the organs and tissues. By binding with oxygen, hemoglobin becomes bright scarlet and gives this hue to arterial blood. Giving up oxygen, hemoglobin darkens. Take a look at the wreaths on your hands - they have little oxygen already, and they are bluish.

For the normal formation of hemoglobin, iron is needed. If there is little in the body, the amount of coloring protein in the blood decreases. The remaining hemoglobin loses oxygen faster. As a result, the vessels acquire a dark blue hue, and the first thing this anemic cyanosis becomes visible under the thin skin near the eyes.

4. Dehydration

The skin becomes drier and thinner when there is a fluid deficit. And under the eyes, it generally turns into a translucent parchment, impossible to conceal the capillaries below. Hello, bruises.

5. Allergic reactions

With allergies, the eyes are often itchy and watery. Histamines - those irritating substances that the body releases in response to an allergen - at the same time provoke vasodilation. The latter begins to shine through. If you scratch your eyes, your symptoms get worse. Due to friction, fragile blood vessels break down, and the smallest bruises occur, increasing the cyanosis.

6. Age

Over the years, the skin loses moisture, becomes thinner. As a result, the area under the eyes is more noticeable.

7. Genetic features

Some people have too thin skin from birth, bruises under the eyes haunt them since childhood. If your close relatives regularly have dark circles under the eyes, you may inherit this trait.

8. Smoking, alcohol abuse

These bad habits make the skin thinner, and the blood vessels more fragile. Blood cells from clogged capillaries gather under the skin, oxidize, darken, and shine blue.

9. Gastrointestinal disorders, poisoning

Due to the accompanying vomiting and diarrhea, the body loses a lot of fluid. The onset of dehydration, in turn, leads to the appearance of dark circles.

10. Cardiovascular disease

Such disorders can cause blood stasis. In the delicate region beneath the eyes, this will manifest itself first of all.

How to remove bruises under the eyes with home methods

A lot depends on the reasons for these bruises in general. If they harass you regularly, no matter how tired you are, how well you eat, how well you sleep, do not be too lazy to consult with a therapist. Dark circles under the eyes can be the first symptom of heart problems or a sign of anemia. It is important to diagnose these conditions in time.

If bruising is a one-time occurrence, most likely, you can not worry. It is enough to make a little lifestyle change and use simple home methods to get rid of them.

1. Get enough sleep

The sleep rate for an adult is 7-8 hours a day. It is this period that allows the body to recuperate. Well, blood circulation at the same time.

Little life tip: try sleeping on a higher pillow if you wake up with bags under your eyes. It will help improve the flow of blood and lymph.

2. Follow your drinking regimen

It is not necessary to pour in eight glasses of water every day. Just don't let the feeling of thirst. I felt like drinking - do not dismiss this desire, drink water, tea, fruit drink, juice. Also, try to control the color of your urine. If it is light yellow or colorless, your drinking regime is fine.

How To Remove Bruises Under The Eyes Quickly And Permanently
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3. Eat well

Your job is to maintain healthy hemoglobin levels. Make sure your diet includes foods rich in

  • iron (for example, meat, fish, liver, spinach, chicken eggs)
  • folic acid (e.g., leafy greens, legumes, asparagus)
  • vitamin C (e.g., citrus fruits, strawberries, black currants)
  • vitamin A (e.g., liver, cod liver oil, spinach, pumpkin).

4. Moisturize your skin

The skin under the eyes is the thinnest and is the first to suffer from a lack of moisture. So invest in a moisturizer and use it at least before bed. Apply the product with light pat movements - this gentle massage will improve blood circulation and lymph drainage.

If possible, monitor the humidity in the room you sleep or spend most of the day. When the heater is on in the winter, this is especially crucial.

5. Apply a cold compress under the eyes

This is an express method that will help you quickly "erase" cyanosis. Use cotton swabs soaked in cool water or, for example, tablespoons to the area under the eyes for 3-5 minutes. The cold will narrow the blood vessels, and they will no longer shine so clearly from under the skin.

6. Place cucumber slices or brewed tea bags under your eyes

Yes, yes, grandma's funds are working. Cucumber is because it contains a lot of moisture, which means it will perfectly moisturize the skin under the eyes. Also, it serves as a kind of alternative to a cold compress.

The tea that gets on the skin from the sachets contains caffeine - it improves blood circulation. If you pre-chill the brewed sachets in the refrigerator, they also replace the compress.

7. Apply concealer

Using minimal makeup won't eliminate under-eye circles, but it will help mask them.

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How to remove bruises under the eyes using professional methods

If the cause of dark circles is genetic characteristics or age, lifestyle changes cannot be overcome. In this case, you should contact a beautician or dermatologist. The physician will consider your problems, conduct an examination, and, based on its results, suggest a way to cope with the problem. This could be:

  • Brightening cream. Professional products with azelaic, glycolic acid, or hydroquinone help to get rid of bruises.
  • Chemical peeling. These treatments reduce skin pigmentation and make under-eye circles less visible.
  • Laser therapy. Another way to reduce pigmentation and start skin regeneration.
  • Use of fillers based on blood plasma or hyaluronic acid. Such funds are injected with the thinnest needle and "fill" the skin, making it denser.
  • Blepharoplasty. Often, circles under the eyes become noticeable only because the eyelids, which have become heavier with age, cast a shadow on this area. A plastic surgery called blepharoplasty removes bags under the eyes and makes the eyelids less bulky.

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