Is Soup As Useful As People Think?

Together with gastroenterologist Anna Yurkevich, we looked at the benefits of soup. Read on to find out.

“At least once a day, the soup should be in the stomach” - something like this, with small variations, the saying about the benefits of soup sounds. But why exactly is soup considered such a healthy dish that you can't do without it at lunch?

Today, probably everyone already knows that there is no need to eat soups. Why did the love for soups appear? Because it's a relatively easy and cheap way to fill your stomach. Now we live in an era of food abundance, and this was not always the case. Our parents still remember the time of total shortages, including in grocery stores. It was then that soups, borscht, broths, and so on came to the rescue.

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Let's think; what is so useful in a soup that cannot be in other dishes?

Is Soup As Useful As People Think?
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  1. Bouillon. Really? Why then is it recommended to drain the first broth? And the second, then, becomes useful? Of course, the foam that forms when boiling meat cannot cause an appetite.
  2. Vegetables. They are useful, provided that they have undergone minimal heat treatment to retain the necessary nutrients. Of course, fiber isn't going anywhere. But we get the maximum benefit from raw vegetables.
  3. Meat. It's helpful. There is nothing to argue with. But you can just as well eat a piece of boiled meat with a salad of fresh vegetables!

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I am not against soups. If you love them, please but if you eat them through force only "for the sake of your health," then I think you should not torture yourself.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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