How To Grow Sage: 11 Useful Tips

Growing sage is easy, both in the garden or pots. This aromatic plant gives flavor to your recipes and can also be enjoyed alone, fried; it has numerous properties and you can also extract essential oil it. Besides, it can also embellish your green corner with its colorful flowers. Here are some tips on how to grow sage.

1) Sage tends to adapt in the type of soil that facilitates drainage and, therefore, allows the water to flow without stagnation.

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2) Preferably, grow this aromatic plant in sunny locations.
3) If you are cultivating aage in the open ground and you want to put more plants, leave about 50-60 cm of distance between one and the other.

4) If you want to grow sage in pots, take a container of about 30 centimeters and, before planting it, cover the holes with shards and put expanded clay on the bottom to favor the future flow of water.

5) Tthere is no need to water a lot, proceed especially if the climatic trend requires it.

How To Grow Sage: 11 Useful Tips
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6) As for fertilizing, enrich the soil when planting sage. Afterward, it is not strictly necessary to fertilize it, at the most, you can do a couple of fertilizations per year.

7) Around February, prune the sage, especially if you intend to encouragegrowth of more leaves. You can clean the plant even after flowering.

8) Sage generally tolerates low temperatures, even if, in winter, especially if the season is harsh, you can protect the plant with a mulch.

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9) Sage can be multiplied by cuttings or by the division of the tufts.

10) When to harvest sage? it is generally harvested before it blooms.

11) Consider growing sage as well to try to keep snails away.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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