Growing Raspberries: Tips And Tricks

Do you love raspberries, and you probably are crazy about their sweet and unmistakable flavor? Do you desire to cultivate it even if you do not have land but only a small garden? It will give you satisfaction. Here are some tips for doing it best.

Remove a few tablespoons of soil by making a hole and set it aside. Insert the seedling 20cm deep by first placing the roots in a mash of mud and then burying it to expose it to the sun. If you want to plant more seedlings, leave at least 40-50 cm of space between them. After this, bury a stake next to the plant with horizontal stages to allow the shoots to climb,

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The two plant kinds of raspberry plants are called uniferous and remontant. The first type grows once a year, between June and July, while the second grows several times between June and October. 

Growing Raspberries: Tips And Tricks
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The first type is easy to cultivate; it needs to be pruned at the end of winter, and then the best shoots are topped to make them suitable for hosting the new fruits the following year.

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Also, it is necessary to water it constantly, even if not in great abundance, to prevent the water from stagnating with the ground (especially not to wet the plant's roots). 

When harvesting, remember to do it in time before they get damaged. Just do this when the fruits are ripe and not wet. Once collected, they must be consumed immediately. It is possible to keep them only for a couple of days.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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