How To Reuse Tea Bags

Throwing away used tea bags might be spontaneous, but you probably don't know how many things you might need. Have you ever thought about reusing them? Find out how they can be easily used.

Rest your eyes. Placing old tea bags over your eyes can relieve dark circles and puffiness. If you have also put them in the refrigerator first, you will feel immediate well-being.

Make your tea stronger. After making the tea, instead of throwing away the used tea bags, place them in cold water in a container in your refrigerator. When preparing the next brew, add a used teabag. It will make the taste more pleasant.

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Use tea bags as a dye. They can be used to dye paper, fabric but also gray hair. Yes, your hair too!

Make your hair shine. Do you like having shiny hair? Use your old tea bags to condition your hair. Brew a weaker tea with a used tea bag and rub it into your hair after shampooing.

How To Reuse Tea Bags
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Treat sunburn. Rub a moistened used tea bag over the burn. It should take away the inflammation and give you relief.

Contrasts domestic odors. The tea bags can also be used as an air freshener. You will sprinkle the tea on the bottom of the garbage can or spray it on the cat litter box.

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Give it to the flowers. You can place the tea bags on the bottom of the planters, and they will help retain water and fertilize at the same time. While you're at it, throw the tea bags in the compost bin and enrich them so that even your non-potted plants can benefit from your tea consumption.

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