How To Survive In A Hostile Work Environment

How can you stay alive in a hostile work environment? First of all, you have to distinguish between those that can be contingent problems, with colleagues or with bosses, due to situations and critical issues of the moment; a difficult working context overall or some people only; the most serious attitudes also be configured as mobbing.

Once you have a picture of your problem, you can put strategies to deal with the hostile work environment and consider any legal action if need be.

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A good starting point is your self-esteem at work, which must not be affected by colleagues and circumstances. If you believe in yourself and your abilities, you will be more resilient and will be able to mobilize your inner resources to cope with adversity.

How To Survive In A Hostile Work Environment
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Therefore, you can create rituals and moments to dispose of the nervousness and frustration, for example, taking care of anti-stress plants in the office, going to an isolated place, perhaps outdoors, and breathing slowly or viewing positive images.

If the hostility comes from grumpy and critical colleagues, you can try to fool them with self-irony, such as thanking them for what they tell you.

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In addition to what you can do, an important element to survive in a hostile environment is the relationship with valid colleagues, if there are any, those who share your opinions or who have perhaps harassed themselves; if the union makes the come on, you can oppose and isolate the disturbing elements.

Basically, always try to document what happens to you, what you do, and the abuse you suffer to prove that you are in the right, should they get in the way, or for any legal action.

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