How To Remove Plants From The Pot Without Breaking Them

Removing plants from the pot is a process that can cause some concern as you fear breaking or damaging the stem or the leaves; here's how to do it, to remove and transplant flowers, aromatic herbs, indoor plants, and other types of green friends and what tricks to use to extract succulents without pricking yourself.

For safety purposes, you should wear gloves.

How To Remove Plants From The Pot Without Breaking Them
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Tilt the pot to one side. Then, with one hand, lightly press the bottom of the container to facilitate the escape of the earth bread; with the other, extract the plant holding it from the base, obviously very gently.

If there is a need or the pot is stiff, try to rotate it by hitting it with light and gentle strokes and proceeding with the plant's extraction. Obviously, you can make opposite movements with your hands; with the one you push the pot away, with the other, you push the plant away in the opposite direction.

What if It Is Difficult To Remove Them?

Sometimes you may not be able to pull the plant because the soil is too compact, the plant is dry, or the roots have fixed to the pot's bottom. Upstream, you can loosen the soil a little, especially around the circumference of the pot.

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If the roots are the problem, cut them. If you are still having trouble and the pot is plastic, cut one side to remove the container directly.

How To Remove Succulents From Pots Without Getting Prickled

If the plants have thorns, there is obviously another problem, which is to avoid pricking yourself. In this situation, you could place a piece of polystyrene or wrap it with lots of newspapers or old rags. In short, create a thick layer on the spines, so you don't get pricked.

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