How To Grow Pomegranate: 9 Useful Tips

Also known as a Punica granatum, these varieties can also be distinguished by the grains' color, from white to bright red, and by the more or less acidic flavor (sweet, sour, bittersweet). Pomegranates have numerous properties: if you want to learn more about growing them, read on.

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1) Cultivation can be successful in any soil, but it is better than it is draining or does not retain water and therefore does not favor the formation of water stagnations, which can damage the tree.

2) Use an organic product to fertilize the soil.

3) Plan to plant your pomegranate in a sunny spot.

4) Also, consider that the location is sheltered if you live in a cold area.

How To Grow Pomegranate: 9 Useful Tips
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5) To start growing the pomegranate, plant the seedling in autumn or at the end of winter-spring after the frosts.

6) If you want to plant more trees, leave three to four meters of space between the other and about 6 meters between the rows.

7) Support the young specimens with tutors.

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8) Water especially in the summer season. In general, pay attention to excess humidity that can cause the fruits to split.

9) To grow pomegranate, you can fertilize it once a year.

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