How To Easily Make Liquid Eyeshadow At Home

The cosmetics world is varied and always very colorful, but above all, it is fun because the cosmetics can be used as we buy them or even customized at will. At home, we can, in fact, make many cosmetics starting from free and compact powders, such as liquid eyeshadow, which is easy to make.

A simple pigment powder can, in fact, become an eyeshadow from more watery consistency. All powder eyeshadows lend themselves to being an optimal base for this. The best is the mineral ones or the so-called baked eyeshadows, which are much more pigmented.

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The free powder is preferable to the wafer one, but there are no problems in the latter case, as you need to scrape off the right amount of product with a spatula. It begins with a tip of a teaspoon of powder, to be dissolved well in a small bowl, adding two or three drops of eye drops or saline solution to the mixture.

How To Easily Make Liquid Eyeshadow At Home
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The spatula's back will also be useful for mixing and thus obtaining a liquid eyeshadow ready to use for our eye make-up. But in addition to using the product so pure, you can also customize it by mixing it if necessary with a pigment of another color or finish to make it more suitable for the makeup you had in mind.

With the addition of glitter powders, you can also transform your liquid eyeshadow into a very suitable makeup for a special evening. The glitter for make-up should be added a few grams until the desired result is obtained, after which you can apply the product on the mobile eyelid as you usually do.

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Your liquid eyeshadow can be made in small quantities specifically for evening make-up or even in larger doses, to be kept in a glass jar. But always remember to use clean brushes when you take the product and not put our fingers in the container, as there is the risk of making it alter and making it unhealthy especially for our eye area.

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