Makeup Tricks For Women Who Wear Glasses

Do you wear glasses and don't know how to put on makeup? Well, you have come to the right place. From a certain age, all of us begin to worry about wanting to look more beautiful. Several questions haunt our heads about the best way to do it and more so if we use glasses. How can we enhance our features to look much more beautiful?

It is common that at times you feel that you are hiding behind a frame, so you probably decided to wear contact lenses. Do not do it! Glasses add a chic touch to your appearance by drawing more attention to your face. The lenses are not an impediment, on the contrary, they have many advantages that you did not know existed.

You just need to remember at all times that, when you don't use them, makeup is not the same. The key to this post is to help you put on makeup, highlight all your features without having to remove your glasses, so here are some secrets that will help you solve that problem in an easier and simpler way

Makeup tricks for women who wear glasses
Bright Colors Look Better Than Blacks.

The black shadow as well as the eyeliner are usually very heavy for girls who wear glasses, but the lower colors will give a warmer effect to your look.

Apply Concealer

Usually, when wearing glasses the skin begins to darken under the eyes, so it is important to place it under the lower eyelashes.

Your Lips Must Be Painted in a Striking Color.

Remember that your lips will be the center of attention, so I recommend using bright and bold colors. The right shade will enable you to give an intellectual and sexy touch to your look, looking incredible with your glasses

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Mascara on your Eyelashes is Important.

There is a belief that mascara on the eyelashes is bad, as it sticks to the crystals, but on the contrary, just before putting your glasses on wait for it to dry, which will make your eyes stand out and look even bigger.

Makeup tricks for women who wear glasses

If the Frame is Very Large, Outline your Eyes in a Cat-Eye Way.

This type of outline is very common today and required for any type of occasion. I personally love doing it, I feel that that line that stands out from the eye gives a special touch to the makeup.

Don't Forget your Eyebrows.

You can believe that wearing glasses cover your eyebrows, but quite the opposite. It is important to make them distinctive as they help you frame your face. Remember to apply makeup correctly.

Use The Blush

Light Colors will Highlight your Cheekbones, Giving you Light and Tone. That the eyeshadows are neutral colors. Wearing glasses makes the eyes appear darker and smaller than they really are. So try to use colors like soft brown, gold, and peach.

Brightness in the Lower Eyelid.

Use a little below the lash line, you can do it with a white pencil to make your eyes look bigger.

Makeup trick for women who wear glasses
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In this case, the lenses enlarge your eyes.

You must be careful with your eyelashes. Just curl them and apply a coat of mascara avoiding clumps. Remember that these crystals are like a magnifying glass that will reveal any imperfections.

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Here if much larger eyelashes are needed.

Curl your lashes well and apply enough mascara to open your eyes.

Bottom Line

Wearing glasses does not mean that you cannot wear makeup, you just need to know well the type of glasses you are wearing and how you can get the best out of it. Do not forget these basic steps so that you look divine on any occasion. Following these simple makeup tips, will help you arrange your makeup according to the type of lenses and the color of the frame you use.

Translated and adapted by The Cop Cart Staff

Sources: Facilisimo