How To Do A Facial Massage At Home: Basic Rules And Techniques

Facial massage is an essential part of cosmetic skincare. It helps the skin breathe, thereby counteracting blood stagnation, strengthening tissue and muscles, and keeping the skin smooth, youthful, and elastic longer. Massage improves blood circulation, relieves puffiness and improves skin tone, and affects the general condition of the body and mood. You can massage it lightly yourself - it will take you no more than 5-7 minutes a day.

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Every time we apply the cream on our face or wipe the skin with tonic, we involuntarily do a self-massage. The most important thing is that the movements follow the skin lines and not be too strong. Do not stretch or rub your face to not injure your skin and add extra wrinkles to yourself. If there are pustular eruptions, burns, cracks, or inflammation on the face, massage should not be done. Also, it is not advised once again to massage the skin with increased facial hair growth.

How To Do A Facial Massage At Home: Basic Rules And Techniques
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Skin lines for massage

  • Forehead: runs from middle to temples
  • Eyes: along the upper eyelid - from the inner corner of the eye to the outer, along with the lower - in the opposite direction
  • Nose: from the bridge of the nose along the "back" of the nose to its tip and the "back" in both directions towards the ears
  • Cheeks: from the corners of the mouth to the ear canals
  • Chin: from the middle of the lower jaw to the earlobes
  • Lips: from the middle of the upper lip to the wings of the nose and upper part of the ear

If you decide to massage your face, thoroughly cleanse your face and apply a nourishing cream. Wait a minute for it to absorb, or dab your face with a tissue. Then proceed with the massage. You can rub some essential oil in your palms to enhance the massage effect. Some cosmetologists advise not to apply any creams to the skin before starting a massage but moisturize it slightly with water.

How to do facial massage correctly

While massaging, slightly push your chin forward and open your mouth. In this position, the skin will be immobile and will not stretch. Start at the forehead. Use a circular motion to massage the skin - from the middle of the forehead to the temples. Repeat 3 times.

Place your palms in the middle of your forehead and make several horizontal movements towards your temples. Hold your hands for a second and press lightly. Then repeat the movements in a vertical direction - from the eyebrows to the hairline. When starting to massage the eyelids, be especially careful. Close your eyes. Press the pads of your ring fingers into the inner corners of your eyes.

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Light circular stroking tones the skin and increases its elasticity. Rubbing and light pinching relieve spasms, improve blood circulation, reduce pain, and enhance metabolic processes. Patting helps to relax muscles and reduce swelling, allowing the cream to be absorbed better.

And remember the main thing - touching the skin should be gentle, light, sliding, completely unacceptable strong friction and tension.

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