Here Is How To Make A Laurel Wreath For Graduation

Making a laurel wreath is really easy; you can make the wreath by tying the branches directly or securing them to a wire base. Thus, with the accessory, we celebrate the milestone by referring to tradition and classicism. Here is more.

Using intertwined branches

What you need; laurel sprigs, wire for florists, or any other light, decorative elements.

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How to do it; tie each branch to the other until you reach a length covering the whole head. Attention; for the work to be aesthetically beautiful, arrange the leaves in the same direction and try not to leave gaps.
Finally, close the circle and secure it with a wire or green ribbon. You can also embellish the accessory with red bows, chilies, a few golden leaves cut out of the cardboard.

Here Is How To Make A Laurel Wreath For Graduation
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A laurel wreath with the base

What you need; slightly stiffer wire for the base, green ribbon (if applicable), light wire, laurel twigs, or for florists.

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How to do it; in this case, cut the wire according to the size of the head and, by hand, attach the twigs to it; eventually, you can cover it with green tape, but, with the leaves, you should hide the metal structure.

Also, for this version, it is important to follow the same direction and cover the crown evenly, and you can also finish the work with decorative elements.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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