3 Phrases To Always Say To Your Parents

Strict but fair, caring, and loving, they always wait for us and believe that we are the best. It's time to reciprocate with our parents and say what they have wanted to hear for so long. Read along!

1. You did everything right

Whatever your mom and dad are, regardless of how hard they strive to give you the best, sacrificing their sleep and peace, they will still doubt whether everything was done right. Were you too strict, did you go too far with the punishment when you set fire to the neighbor's shed, did they spoil you too much, trying to give all the best?

This fear lives in the heart of every loving parent. And it's time to end it already. Tell them they did the right thing; you are grateful for every minute of your childhood and do not regret anything. This is important to them.

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3 Phrases To Always Say To Your Parents
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2. You are my best friends

If you trust your parents, ask them for advice, and respect their thoughts, don't hide your emotions. Confess how much you value their support and participation. Being a friend to your child brings great joy to parents.

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3. I will always be there

Everything in life is cyclical; first, parents care for their children, and then we take care of them. Our mums and dads need to know that they will not be left alone, and we will always be with them, no matter what happens. Give them that assurance, and let them know that they can count on you and that they have raised grateful and loving children.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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