DIY Games To Entertain Children: 3 Easy Ideas

Kids have fun with little, even better if they are done with their games and pastimes with material to be recycled. If you get bored on a dreary afternoon, here's what to come up with to pass time after school or on the weekend. Here are some DIY ideas to easily create at home to have fun with the little ones.

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Boats with caps and straws

DIY Games To Entertain Children: 3 Easy Ideas
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Collect some plastic bottle caps and cut a straw into three parts. The caps will act as boats and the straws as a mast. Glue with vinyl glue to the straws of the triangular sails you have previously colored and decorated with the children. Fill the pool with water, launch the boats on mythical voyages and tell stories of sailors and pirates at the mercy of the oceans. The young ones will enjoy themselves greatly and will also tell exciting stories.

Maze with marbles

Get a lid of a box and fix straws inside it to form a labyrinth, then take a marble. At the corner of the maze, at the end of the path, make a hole from which the ball can pop out. If you glue a plastic cap under the box just under the hole, you can not drop the ball to the ground every time a child arrives at their destination by winning the race. Finally, all that remains is to organize a competition among the children.

Toy washing machine

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Take a transport box from a washing machine or dishwasher, or a nice large box the size of a real washing machine. Make a circle with the pencil for the porthole. Cut the circle three-quarters with a cutter and open the cardboard as if it were a porthole where the children can insert the clothes. Then draw with a black marker to simulate the buttons and the program knob. Add next to it, tying it to the bedroom walls, a thread that the children will use to hang with clothespins and dry the clothes and clothes “once washed”.

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