How To Instill In Your Child A Love Of Reading: Simple Rules

Reading books is useful at any age. But it is not always possible to see a child interested in picking up a book and plunging into the literary world. Reading helps develop a child's imagination, replenishes vocabulary, develops memory, and makes it easier to communicate with people. Here are some techniques to instill a passion for reading books in your child.

Start early

From birth, give children various books, read fairy tales and poems. As the child grows up, there should be books with dense pages inaccessible places, and you will see how interesting it will be for him to examine the pictures, press the buttons so that children's songs sound.

Observe reading rituals

It's never a bad idea to read before bed. These are wonderful moments of communication, unity, experiencing pleasant emotions from what you read, confidential and sincere conversations with mom, dad, or grandmother in a cozy evening silence, with subdued light.

Encourage self-reading

As soon as the child learns to read, enforce this rule; first, he must read one page a day, and over time the volume of reading will increase. He himself can choose what is interesting to him, but reading should be mandatory.

Again, consistency is important: there is a voluntary part and a mandatory part. This way, you will form a reading habit.

How To Instill In Your Child A Love Of Reading: Simple Rules
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Surround your child with books

A child in a room from childhood should have a shelf or wardrobe in which there are books and encyclopedias designed for his age and a little older. There should always be free access to this shelf so that you can choose which book to read next.

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Maintain interest

No need to tell the child what to read. As for advice only. Let him form his own preferences in literature. And to maintain his interest, discuss the books you read with him.

Read yourself

The most crucial example is a personal one. If no one reads in the house, there are no good books; then you should not expect that it is possible to instill in a child a love for what the parents themselves do not do. Do not hope that the school will do it, some extracurricular activities. If you, the people closest to your child, do not do this, no one can.

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