Here are the Best Beach Games for Children: From Sand Castles to Marbles

Nothing more modern and capable of stirring up the joy and curiosity of children on the beach than the ancient games that have been handed down for generations. Sandcastlestug of warmarblesrelay races, and hide and seek

A repertoire of classics between umbrellas and the seashore absolutely must not be wasted or snubbed as if they were out of fashion pastimes. Simply because it is not true, and you can have the confirmation from a straightforward experiment: dedicate yourself to any of these games (choose based on age among those that we report here) for about ten minutes, and you will see how your children will react.

Games for Children to Play at the Beach

Before taking a closer look at the simpler and more fun possibilities, remember that even children are on vacation during the summer. And you too. So, please don't go overboard with the idea of ​​engaging them in something. They know how to organize themselves, and the sea is a perfect place to choose many fun paths. They don't need helicopter parenting obsessions.

They don't need who knows what inventions of reckless and/or original, playful activities. Secondly, avoid, on the contrary, to get rid of them, of the children, to entrust them even on the beach to the usual electronic prostheses. That is video games, smartphones, cell phones, and some other of these objects.

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The beach is a  digital detox place: children can do everything and nothing, but certainly, the only way not to make them feel calm and perhaps transmit some anxiety to them is to glue them to electronic equipment in beach holidays format.

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Beach Games for Children

Third and final premise: enjoy your holidays, your summer, your freedom. But the company of children on the beach, and therefore the sharing of games is pure fun, pleasure, and a light way of discovering each other, parents and children.

Maybe you will be able to find, between a shovel and a bucket, between a sandcastle and a pile of marbles, some aspect of your children's personality that you absolutely did not know.

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Sea Games for Your Children

And now let's see the best 10 beach games, to be modulated according to your children's ages.


The marbles' paths are particularly popular with all children, from the smallest to the oldest, who are starting to try their first spin shots. Build a path along the shadow lines of the umbrella and stand in the center. Fun guaranteed!


A perfect game to hone children's fine motor skills is to take a bucket with water, a stick and then dip the stick in the water and draw on the sand like an ancient scribe did with a pen and inkwell.


Creating sandcastles with creativity, preparing moats, designing towers and windows, maybe putting small characters in them, and simulating stories will be a delightful pastime for the whole family.


This game is very simple and creative. In turn, one of the participants is blindfolded and the others hide objects by digging in the sand in the shade circle of the umbrella. Whoever finds all the objects in the shortest possible time wins.


Sand balls are hard to make and it takes a lot of skill to keep them from falling apart! It is necessary to expertly mix wet sand with dry sand to obtain perfect and round meatballs that, usually, children love to throw into the water from the shore. Whoever throws them farthest wins.


You can think of inflating a swimming pool or a canoe and putting toys inside for younger children. Children love to play with water and will happily stay in the shade in the pool.


Let's children have fu a fence along the umbrella's shadow line of the umbrella, let's put ourselves in the center and pretend to be builders who erect a wall—sand, shovel, bucket, and fantasy.

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For older children, playing with cards or board games with the whole family will be fun and stimulating. On the market, there are many board games in travel format that are easy to carry, not bulky, and at a reduced price.


We collect the shells during the morning and mark them inside with the same Playingready to play shell memory.


Reading is a beach pleasure that makes a for older childrenduTheTherelax. We bring comics and small stories with us and stage them on the market during the hot moments under the umbrella.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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