11 Basic Tips to Make Your Shoes Much More Comfortable

There is nothing worse than buying a shoe that you have really liked and discovering how uncomfortable it can be over time. Even shoes that are not uncomfortable can become a tool of torture over the years. These 11 tips will help to solve some widespread problems with shoes.

Tape the third and fourth toes to master the high-heeled shoes

In doing so, you relieve tension in the nerve between these toes and avoid pain in the sole of your foot.

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Use dry tea bags to absorb odors from shoes and sneakers.

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Attach a piece of very soft fabric to pad the straps of the shoes, which can sometimes tighten

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Make your fabric shoes waterproof using wax.

Rub beeswax or candle paraffin and then, with a dryer at a boiling temperature, melt it until it is transparent and is absorbed by the fabric. Repeat this process a few times to waterproof the shoes.

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Wrap pieces of cloth in the sandals to make them much more comfortable

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Apply gel deodorant to the shoe in those areas more prone to the formation of blisters on the feet, such as the heel and on the sides, to avoid them

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Use talcum powder under the shoe's insole if it is creaking too much.


Sand the soles of shoes (especially new ones) with medium sandpaper to prevent them from slipping too much

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Make a special insole if your foot slips too much into the shoe.

Using your own foot, scribble on a soft and resistant fabric a mold of it and cut it out. Glue this new insole inside the shoe.

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Stretch tight shoes using water bags and your freezer

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Put water in sealed bags and place them inside the shoes. Please put them in the freezer at night so that they are looser.

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Use this tie on your sneakers

It squeezes where it has to be squeezed and leaves the fingers looser.

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Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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