5 Amazing Tips for Humans Created by Cats

That's right. Don't think you raise your cat. Deep down, you know well that he is the boss, and you are only there to satisfy the needs of that fluffy ball of fur?

Cats are the love of the internet. They have become popular as never, and there is always someone playing tricks on them or accusing them (without hard evidence) of wanting to dominate humanity.

Whoever has one of these at home has to know how to take good care, as they are not the easiest animals in the world, since they are very independent. A certain game of waist must live with them, but it is very worthwhile.

Wear rubber gloves to remove hair from objects



Apply catnip (cat's weed) to old toys

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Make a cat cave yourself.




Take a food challenge for your cat.

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Assemble a toy mouse for your cat

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

Sources: Tudointeressante