How to Prevent Shoes from Fading

Brand new footwear is always great, especially for shoe lovers. But many times, when we get home after having used that model for the first time, we find that our feet or socks are completely stained by the shoe dye, which can damage not only the appearance of our feet but also that of our feet. Socks.

This situation is certainly very annoying, but some home tricks can help you to end the problem. Keep reading because we will explain how to prevent shoes from fading and staining.

Steps to follow:

Step One

Shoes tend to fade because the dye that covers them inside is not well sealed. Therefore, to prevent this from occurring, we can apply various tricks to make them seal permanently or eliminate excess dye and improve our experience when using them.

Step Two

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Vaseline is a very versatile ingredient that we usually use to carry out some beauty tricks. However, it is also very effective in preventing shoes from fading, and the good news is that using it is very simple. You have to add a generous amount of Vaseline to a cloth and rub it on the inside of the shoes, emphasizing those areas that fade the most.

Give the Vaseline at least 24 hours to work, and then remove the excess with a clean cloth, your shoes you should not fade anymore.

How to prevent shoes from fading - Step 2
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Step Three

It is no secret to anyone that hairspray is a powerful fixative, which is why it is the ideal option to prevent shoes from fading easily. You simply need to apply a substantial amount of lacquer on the inside of the shoe. You can help with a cloth to spread the liquid evenly, let it dry for 24 hours, and then you can wear your shoes without fading again.

How to prevent shoes from fading - Step 3
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Step Four

The cream colorless shoe is also an excellent alternative to stop discolor shoes, especially if you have it on hand to keep your shoes in good condition. Spread the cream with the help of a brush on the shoe's inside and let it dry for a day. You will see how the problem will be solved.

How to prevent shoes from fading - Step 4
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Step Five

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If you think that the problem is due to an accumulation of dye on the inside of the shoes, or if you do not have any of the previously recommended products at home, you can also apply the classic alternative of the damp cloth the shoes from fading. Dampen a cloth and begin to clean the shoe's inner area to remove excess dye. Repeat this until the cloth comes out clean in each shoe.

If no matter how much you clean, you do not get the result you expect, then it is best to opt for our previous recommendations as the dye may need to be fixed.

How to prevent shoes from fading - Step 5

Step Six

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