How to Prevent Shoes from Smelling Bad

It may not be the most pleasant confession you have read, but to a greater or lesser extent, we all smell our shoes. In some people, the smell can be very intense. In others discreet but equally annoying, the truth is that this condition occurs due to various factors that are manifested in an area that is already delicate: our feet.

To prevent shoes from smelling bad can take some simple steps and closely reviewing your habits. So we give all the necessary advice to you to get it successfully.

Steps to follow:

Step One

Before explaining how to prevent shoes from smelling bad, understanding the causes of this unpleasant phenomenon is crucial. First, it is clear that our feet sweat, as it is a humid and normally dark place. This area of ​​our body becomes the ideal area for the formation and accumulation of bacteria. Some of them decomposing are responsible for part of the bad smell.

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But this condition can also be enhanced by using footwear made with inappropriate materials that do not allow our feet to breathe. The same happens when we use socks or socks that are not fresh materials that do not favor adequate ventilation.

  • Wash and dry your feet very well.
  • Monitor the appearance of fungus on the feet. If they appear, it is important to treat them as soon as possible as they favor the increase of bad odor in the area.
  • Always wear cotton socks that allow our feet to breathe properly. It is also advisable that their thickness is appropriate for the season.
  • Choose shoes made with quality materials that allow adequate perspiration of the foot. Plastic shoes should be avoided entirely.
How to prevent shoes from smelling bad - Step 1
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Step Two

Once you follow the basic rules of foot care, you can implement the necessary measures to prevent your shoes from smelling bad. To begin, you must always apply a special deodorant for this area on your feet. This product will help reduce sweating in the area and prevent the bad smell that can later be transferred to the shoe.

From the first use of the shoes, get used to putting a little deodorant for shoes on them. In this way, you will guarantee that they stay fresh for longer.

Step Three

To keep your shoes from stinking, it is essential that, as much as you love that pair of shoes, you alternate them frequently because only then can you guarantee that they are adequately ventilated, significantly reducing the bad smell. If you wear the same shoes on a daily basis, it is much more likely that they will start to stink very quickly than if you alternate them with other shoes.

How to prevent shoes from smelling bad - Step 3
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Step Four

In addition to trying to keep your shoes cool while wearing them, you must ventilate them properly once you take them off. Avoid storing them right away and leave them for at least a couple of hours in a cool place where the air flows, so any possible sweating will dry out and avoid the accumulation of unpleasant odors.

Step Five

Like any other frequently used garment, shoes also require cleaning and not only on the outside. Cleaning your shoes inside will help remove dirt that accumulates in the area and give them a fresher smell. In the case of sandals or leather shoes, you can use a damp cloth with soap or a wet wipe to remove the dirt. If it is cloth shoes or sports shoes, more thorough cleaning should be done.

How to prevent shoes from smelling bad - Step 5
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Step Six

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If you want to prevent your shoes from smelling bad, then always wear socks when you wear cloth, sports or closed shoes. Only sandals and open footwear designed for this should be used without socks. Otherwise, it is convenient to avoid it because our feet will feel hotter and sweat more, which will promote the bad smell.

Step Seven

If you have a very problematic pair of shoes, you can use them with special odor control insoles to reduce unpleasant aroma and keep your shoes fresh and perfect. And if it is too late to follow all these recommendations and some footwear has an intolerable aroma.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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