Pyrolytic Oven Cleaning: How To Do It Effectively

The pyrolytic ovens are among the chosen appliances for a few years now, as they have a self-cleaning function that appeals to many. The self-cleaning system is based precisely on pyrolysis, which uses high temperatures, reaching almost 500° C, to burn every trace of dirt and encrustation to the letter. It must be said that pyrolysis is not an economic function at an energy level; in fact, the ovens that have it should be cleaned with the appropriate products at the ordinary level. Here is more.

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To clean the pyrolytic oven, we must remove the grids, and removable parts from the compartment washed separately with soap and water or disinfectant degreaser. With a slightly damp clean cloth, remove any grease traces from the external glass and the oven control panel, then close it and set the pyrolysis function to start it.

Pyrolytic Oven Cleaning: How To Do It Effectively
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The oven door will automatically be locked to prevent accidental opening and burning heat from escaping. The pyrolysis lasts from one to three hours, depending on the oven model and the presence of an eco function and a classic one, which allow you to decide the level of cleaning, depending on whether the compartment is more or less greasy.

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Once the cleaning cycle is complete, when the temperature has returned below the guard levels, the oven door, which will remain cool on the outside thanks to the heat-resistant glass, allowing us to open it. Use a brush or a vacuum cleaner with a lance to remove the residues of the pyrolysis. Finally, give a pass on the oven walls with water and vinegar to polish them.

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