How To Have A Tidy And Clean House: 4 Simple Tricks

Having a tidy and clean house seems like a business, especially if you have little time or tend not to have a disciplined organization, yet it only takes a few gestures to see the rooms without dirty corners and with all things in their place.

Let's make a picture of the tricks to follow after doing decluttering and general tidying.

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1) The rule of short times

Apply this rule in two senses, to not leave behind tasks and things to clean and tidy up and to find time to devote to domestic cleaning. It is a matter of immediately making those gestures that take a few minutes and allow you to have a clean and tidy home without necessarily having to take a day since there are no scattered objects and dirty surfaces.

Here is a list with a few illustrations.

  • Hang up coats and scarves as soon as you arrive.
  • Clean the kitchen right away.
  • Wash the dishes or empty the dishwasher.
  • Rearrange the sofa.
  • Store the things you use.
How To Have A Tidy And Clean House: 4 Simple Tricks
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2) Divide spaces

Instead of leaving things lying around, find a space for everything. Therefore, containers, boxes,, and baskets come in handy, allowing you to divide things by type, find them immediately without wasting time, and recover space. You can also take advantage of empty and vertical corners, for example, inside the wardrobe.

3) Leave the surfaces dry

Dry the surfaces, ie, the worktops, the kitchen sink, the sink, to eliminate drops and limit the accumulation of limescale, which gives the feeling of dirt and disorder.

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4) Make the bed

It seems a trivial gesture, yet it is the first thing to do that prepares you to order and to the idea of ​​immediately doing what needs to be done until you get a clean and tidy house.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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