How To Clean Glass Bottles Without Breaking Them: 6 Tips

Are you stuck with dirty glass bottles and wondering how to wash them? Don't worry we got your back. Here are 6 simple tricks that's will leave them sparkling clean as new. In any case, remember to plug them or cover the opening before shaking them and rinse them very carefully.

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1) On the market, you will find special brushes for cleaning the inside of glass bottles. Alternatively, if the neck is large enough, place a smooth, rounded knife on a sponge and slide it into the bottle. Thus, you can also clean the bottom and all the corners.

In any case, before using the bottle brush or sponge, you can pour in a little water and washing up the liquid.

How To Clean Glass Bottles Without Breaking Them: 6 Tips
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2) A grandmother's remedy for washing bottles and eliminating bad smells is to pour white vinegar and hot water and let the solution act for about 10 minutes.

3) In addition to hot water and vinegar, you can also add salt or coarse salt; cover the bottle's opening and shake it.

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4) Another do-it-yourself remedy to clean the bottle from stains is to insert a little raw rice with a funnel, a few drops of dish soap, and hot water. Move it vigorously after plugging it.

5) To clean the glass bottles, put a few drops of dish soap, hot water, and a teaspoon of salt inside. Cap the bottle and shake it.

6) Another way to clean limescale from glass bottles is to pour a solution of citric acid and water into them.

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