How To Remove Soot Stains From Clothes: Home Remedies

Removing soot stains from clothing should be done as soon as possible. Dirt like this can show up when you are dealing with the fireplace, or with cigarette smoke. Here are some suggestions on how to get rid of soot stains from your clothes.

What To Watch Out For

Do not wash or dry clothes without removing the stain because otherwise, it can set and become very difficult if not impossible to remove. In general, test the remedies and check the clothing label.

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Home Remedies

  • First, try to absorb the soot with salt; put the dust on the stain and vacuum with the vacuum cleaner, or brush or shake it slightly, but very gently and carefully to remove the dirt, avoiding spreading the soot and inhaling it.
  • Treat the stain with a suitable stain remover to be used according to the instructions.
  • Wash your clothes as usual, at the maximum temperature indicated on the label.
How To Remove Soot Stains From Clothes: Home Remedies
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  • Before letting your clothes dry, check if the soot stains are still there. If they are present, rewash your clothes. As we said, do not let the fabrics dry completely.
  • A grandmother's remedy to remove soot from cotton garments is to cover the stains with a little lemon juice.
  • As a last resort, for stubborn stains, consider using bleach, but very carefully and with clothes that are not likely to discolor or damage.
  • To get rid of soot stains from clothes, you might want to give alcohol a try.

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Caution: For each remedy considered, do a test on a small point and, in any case, read and respect the label. The recommendations refer to washable garments.

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