How To Store Honey At Home

Storing honey is pretty simple. This product is good because it does not deteriorate for a long time. Bacteria do not actively multiply in it, but improper storage can lead to the product deteriorating or losing its aroma and taste.

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At what temperature can one store honey?

How To Store Honey At Home
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"Keep honey at a cool room temperature" is a key rule to remember. Temperatures close to zero destroy many of the vitamins and amino acids found in honey. And if the temperature is higher than 45 degrees Celsius, honey loses its aroma, its color changes, and its beneficial properties are lost.

How to store honey

Pour the honey into a container with a tight-fitting screw cap, such as a glass jar. Metal or plastic utensils will not work, but you can use a stainless steel container if there is too much honey.

Where to store honey

How To Store Honey At Home
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Keep honey jars in a cool, dry place. Remember that moisture is the main enemy of honey, so always keep containers tightly closed. Also, jars of honey should be kept away from sunlight. Also, do not store honey near the oven or stove.

Can I eat candied honey?

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Crystallization is an absolutely normal process. It occurs spontaneously in any honey, provided that the product is natural. But even sugared honey can be consumed without any health consequences. Remember that if you store honey in the refrigerator, the crystallization process will go faster.

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