Learn How to Hide Wall Defects

Holes in pictures off the hook, damp stains, cracks, paint that has come off, etc., many imperfections can appear on the walls of the house over time. Either for reasons beyond our control or our cause, the flaws that may arise in our house compel us to act if we want to keep the walls impeccable.

This is not the time to ask whether or not you did the right thing to put those pins on the wall or to make holes in it to hang that painting that you liked so much, but rather the time to take action and learn how to hide the defects of the wall so that our stay is apparently as neat as ever. As a result, in this article, we shall explain some tricks to do it without having to invest too much time or money.

Fix the Defects in the Wall

Obviously, we have to try to do with these holes or defects to try to fix them. This necessitates the use of specialized products and materials to restore walls, for example, using putty to get rid of the holes.

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However, if you do not get results that satisfy you, if you're not in the mood for it or if you prefer to opt for some other option, do not miss the fantastic and original ideas that we will give you below.

Wallpaper the Wall

If instead of a little hole it is something quite large, the easiest resource you have at your disposal is to cover the wall with wallpaper that matches the line of the interior design of the room; This way, you can save the hard and expensive task of painting it for later and, at the same time, you can give revitalize the wall and the decoration of the room without the need to stain your hands with paint.

covering wall defects
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Stickers and More Stickers

If, on the other hand, it is about small defects such as holes or small spots, you can use stickers, tiny stickers, or decorative vinyl. Finding the ideal one to cover the flaw in your wall won't be difficult because there are so many different patterns, shapes, and sizes available.

This is another fantastic idea with which you will not need to take a single tool and which, in turn, will allow you to give a touch of originality to the wall with an element with which you feel represented or that you like.

Hang a Picture

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The paintings are used to decorate and give life to the wall. No one will know that behind that canvas, there is a flaw that we want to hide. It will serve two purposes, which is why a picture on the damaged wall can also be an exciting solution.

  • You can put them horizontally for those walls whose imperfections are at eye level.
  • You can put them vertically for those that present elongated spots in places not covered by the furniture.

Finally, if the style is classic or looking for a a highly modern, chic, and elegant feel for your rooms, you can put wooden slats or moldings on your walls. Along with the flaws already stated, they can be utilized to conceal pipes or electrical installations.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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