Here is How to Hide Broken Tiles

The tiles provide a beautiful finish to walls, and countertops, from antiquity, are widely used for their versatility to provide texture and color to the decor.

However, over the years, these small pieces tend to break or come off, and it may happen that when we look for a replacement, the model has been discontinued. In such a situation, what should we do? Shall we lay a new and different tile? In this article, we offer you tips, so you know how to hide broken tiles.

Steps to follow:

Step One

It is best to replace the missing piece with an equal or very similar one to hide broken tiles. Changing all the tiles is seldom an option unless you want to remodel the entire room, as it involves removing all the tiles installed to support these pieces. If your tile model is discontinued: keep reading!

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Step Two

To hide broken tiles whose model has been discontinued, it is best to opt for creativity. One option is to remove all the tiles from the same strip and replace them with new tiles. It can be a contrasting color or one of the same color but with a different hue.

How to hide broken tiles
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Step Three

Another alternative to conceal broken tiles is to eliminate a good part of the tiles in the area where the piece is missing and replace them with strips, which offer a modern decorative finish and will rejuvenate the space.

Step Four

If the broken tile is on a kitchen wall, you can choose to cover all of them with vinyl. There are many decorative models, and it is a technique that will allow you to remodel free of debris—the paper sticks directly to the surface.

Step Five

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To hide broken tiles, we can also evaluate the option of repairing the piece. If the tile has been broken into whole pieces, it is totally salvageable. The best thing is to clean the hole where it goes, remove glue or cement residues, and glue the pieces of the piece with special glue for ceramics. Once the piece has a day of gluing, it can be placed in place with a little cement and wait for it to dry.

Step Six

If the broken tile is on a visible wall, we can hide its absence by placing a painting or other decorative element covering the area. This is highly recommended on kitchen walls, where clocks to a key rack can be hung.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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