Renovating a Kitchen on a Budget-Here is How

Do you want to transform a kitchen in a few days and with a reduced budget? To renovate or give a more luminous touch to your kitchen with a small budget, you have to follow a few tips.

If you improve your kitchen, you will improve one of your house rooms where you spend more time. Therefore, it's critical that you feel comfortable. Due to this, we will explain how to reform a kitchen on a budget below.

You will need:
Steps to follow:

Step One

Changing the color of the kitchen tiles. You no longer have to remove and replace new tiles - just painting them is enough. There is a special paint to paint directly on the tile. You have to clean it well with soap and water and clean the joints. Then use a fresh, dry cloth to dry the surface. You are ready to paint the wall.

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Step Two

Paint using a roller to make the paint smoother. This paint is strong, and you have to air the room while you are painting it. If you get paint stains, you will have to use synthetic and fatty solvents to remove them.

Step Three

It is recommended to give two coats of paint. It takes 2 hours to dry, and you have to leave 6 hours to give the second coat.

How to renovate a kitchen on a budget
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Step Four

Change the floor of a kitchen. You can change your tile floor for a laminate floor without doing any work using it. In addition to improving the appearance of your kitchen, you will also have a less cold floor.

Step Five

First you have to put an insulating plastic to protect against moisture on the existing floor

Step Six

Then you have to put a special base to place the sheets on top. You are ready to put the sheets.

Step Seven

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For a kitchen of 10 m2, it costs more or less 150 euros. The price includes the insulating plastic, the special base, the sheets, the mounting kit, and baseboards.

Step Eight

We have managed to decorate our kitchen and transform its appearance in a single weekend and with a very reduced budget

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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