Laziness Is Omnipresent: How To Overcome It

On the one hand, we are all entitled to at least one lazy day. Basically, we can afford such time on weekends, giving up all household chores. But what do you do when there is a feeling of constant laziness? When do you realize that laziness has overcome and it is almost impossible to escape from her clutches? And in general, where does this laziness come from?

"Constant laziness, accompanied by a loss of strength, can be a symptom of a serious disorder. In this case, it is necessary to consult a specialist with the subsequent appointment of tests. Also, laziness can be caused by the fact that the brain does not understand why it needs to do something - there is no motive. If you yourself are not sure that you need this, then the brain is not sure. Create a motive for yourself. Ask yourself this question, “What makes you need to do this or that?” In the process of such an internal dialogue, you may no longer need to perform any then action, the motive will appear, and laziness will be defeated." Read on.

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Laziness Is Omnipresent: How To Overcome It
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Set realistic goals for yourself

Don't take on too many functions, from work to caring for others. This functionality will lead to burnout very quickly. And hence - to apathy and laziness.

Only positively talk to yourself

You do not need such words; you are weak, you will not succeed; you let everyone down again, I cannot do it. It will drain you and drive you straight into laziness. Instead, engage in positive self-talk - I'll do my best to make it work.

Make a plan of action

Always, especially when it comes to work or career, realistically estimate how much time and effort you need to achieve your goal, draw up an action plan. Such a plan will give you confidence - because now you are aware of each step and know the possible obstacles on your way.

Connect your strengths

Does everyone know what they have? When you focus on your strength, your confidence and productivity grow.

Praise yourself for progress

Literally, If you succeed, pat yourself on the shoulder, tell yourself - I'm great. You really deserve it. Plus, your confidence will increase so much.

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Feel free to ask for help

Something is not clear at work - ask colleagues, management; no one will punish for this. If not, there's a chance you won't be able to handle tasks, closing in on yourself, being lazy to do something.

Turn difficult and tedious into fun

For example, a dislike for general cleaning but even this process has the potential to be turned into something positive. For example, listen to your favorite music that you haven't listened to for a long time. Or use a fitness tracker to track how many calories you burn while cleaning. There is an assumption that you will not be too lazy to put things in order in the house.

Always reward yourself

Because you deserve it. Finished some successful projects at work - buy yourself a gift. Just remember to reward yourself - this is a great impetus to action. So laziness will definitely not overcome you.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

Sources: Today Lifestyle