10 Signs That You Are Too Dependent On Someone's Opinion

Here are alarm bells that signal it is worth working on self-esteem, inner core, and responsibility for your life. Let us find out more.

1. You prioritize other people's needs over yours

If you have a reputation as a person who will always help, will never quit, the company's soul and the best friend in the world, analyze at what cost you get it. Perhaps you will find that everyone around you has long sat on your neck and dangled their legs because you are ready to save others, abandoning your own plans and desires.

Helping is normal and correct. Constantly acting to your detriment so that people think well of you is still not worth it. Learn to say no.

2. You are constantly seeking approval

You will not be pleased with the outcomes of your work until someone praises you. This can apply to both work and routine things. For example, you return home to change because your image has received few likes on Instagram, although the reflection in the mirror was happy.

Build your self-esteem on objective metrics, not on someone else's approval. For example, sales growth will tell you much more about your professionalism than a boss's praise.

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3. You are trying to be what they want to see in you

In one of the scenes of the movie "Runaway Bride," it was revealed that the heroine told each groom that she loved the same dish of eggs that he did. As a result, the girl herself could not understand what she liked.

For a person who is too dependent on someone else's opinion, the situation is even more serious. If you are remaking yourself for each person you are talking to; it’s time to look for the inner core and decide who you are.

4. You constantly shift responsibility for your life to others

On the one hand, everything is logical; people around you influence your life so much that your success or failure depends on their words and actions. But such a situation can hardly be called healthy. A mature person takes responsibility for his life and assesses each action taking into account the possible risks and consequences.

5. You take someone else's opinion to heart, even if it is not constructive

You are not a hundred dollars to please everyone, but any reproach knocks you out of a rut. Someone saying "All humanities are stupid" can make you quit your favorite job and go to engineering, and you are already saving up for plastic surgery because someone in the queue said that he was behind this little nose.

10 Signs That You Are Too Dependent On Someone's Opinion
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6. You are afraid of being alone

Due to the dependence on someone else's opinion, you have a difficult situation with your own internal guidelines. Therefore, the possibility of being left without an external moderator causes panic.

Make your opinion a priority for yourself, and the fear will pass.

7. You are afraid to do things on your own

You give up an important project at work, put off ideas for a hobby or business because of doubts. You are driven by fear of failure, which can expose your weaknesses.

It's okay to be wrong. Sometimes it's worth the risk to succeed.

8. You feel responsible for the expectations of others

The dependent person perceives other people's expectations as their own and is very afraid of not living up to them. And so you become a lawyer because your parents wanted it, get married quickly . after all, your friends say it's time, and even in a cafe, you order the same as your companion. Others' expectations are not your problem.

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9. You cannot decide without someone else's advice

If you change work or country of residence, it is natural to ask your loved ones what they think about such a decision. Their opinions will help to get more arguments for and against. But when it comes to daily activities, the need for someone else's advice indicates addiction.

10. You take any whisper behind your back at your own expense

When people around you chat and laugh, you feel like they are discussing you. They discuss and condemn, of course, otherwise. But most people don't care about you, no matter how offensive it sounds.

Adapted and translated by The Cop Cart Staff

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