Is It True That Some Foods Cannot Be Combined?

Learn why it is impossible to wash down herring with milk, whether vitamins from different products are at war with each other and what cannot be eaten with meat.

It is said that some foods cannot be eaten together. Allegedly, milk with pickled cucumbers leads to indigestion, fruits for dessert are harmful, and whole-grain bread should generally be eaten separately from everything. The list of incompatible products is growing and multiplying. We did not dare to try dangerous combinations on ourselves (suddenly, it really is impossible) and turned to a specialist with a question.

If we have a person who is reasonably healthy, his gastrointestinal tract must cope with almost any combination of foods. An exception is an individual intolerance; if there are not enough enzymes in the human body to digest milk, then, in any case, the risks visiting the restroom at an extraordinary time. It doesn't matter if he ate herring or not.

Another example; in many people, the intestines cannot simultaneously assimilate a large amount of fructose (many fruits and vegetables are rich in it). Bacteria in the gut use its surplus; as a result of which gas is released, a person feels bloated.

If we wish to benefit the most possible from food, it is undesirable to combine some foods.

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How to eat meat properly

Iron deficiency is a significant issue for many people. This is a situation when the body doesn't have enough iron. However, there is still no anemia (low hemoglobin level), and the clinical manifestations are already there; weakness, dizziness, hair loss, restless legs syndrome.

Therefore, if we want to assimilate maximum iron from the food, it is not worth combining iron-rich meat and calcium-rich dairy products in one meal. But the plate with meat should contain foods rich in vitamin C, such as cabbage. Strong tea and coffee also inhibit the absorption of iron.

Is It True That Some Foods Cannot Be Combined?
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How to eat porridge correctly

If we want the body to receive certain trace elements (zinc or iron) from food, we should not get carried away with whole-grain cereals rich in phytates, which slow down nutrient absorption.

To reduce the phytic acid content of foods, they must be soaked (fermented). This applies to cereals, legumes, nuts. After fermentation in warm water for 10-12 hours, anti-enzymes and phytic acid are neutralized. We end up with a product that improves vitamin and mineral absorption.

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How to eat vegetables and fruits correctly

There is also evidence that vitamins abundant in vegetables and fruits can interact with each other and some food components. Therefore, it is believed that some vitamins' simultaneous use is undesirable since they will interfere with each other's absorption.

But what we can really do is try to get the most vitamins from foods. For this, you need.

  • Eat fresh vegetables and fruits. And the sooner, the better - long-term storage reduces the content of nutrients but does not destroy them.
  • Process fewer fruits and vegetables. Heat treatment also reduces the content of many vitamins. Therefore, do not send broccoli to the oven for an hour; it is better to steam it. By the way, if you have chosen such a cooking option as cooking, remember that some of the vitamins will go into the broth.
  • Prepare vegetables just before meals. Mechanical action also affects vitamins: the longer the sliced ​​salad is stored, the fewer vitamins it contains. Let me remind you that the long-term storage of salads is also unsafe in terms of food poisoning.

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