How To Prepare And Store Baked Black Olives

Black olives are a delicacy usually collected at the end of November. This is the ideal period to prepare them, and whether we buy them or collect them from the tree, we can keep them for a long time and use them later on, and cooking in the oven, which will make them soft and tasty.

We can stock them up for when we need them. We can enjoy them with a slice of bread for a delicious snack or appetizer, otherwise use them to flavor numerous dishes. Just a few are enough to give that extra touch of flavor.

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2 kilos of black olives, water to taste, vinegar to taste, oregano to taste, garlic to taste, chili pepper to taste (optional), extra virgin olive oil to taste

How To Prepare And Store Baked Black Olives

To proceed, they need to be healthy, large, and mature. Wash them under the jet of water and cut them with a sharp-pointed knife, then put them in a bowl full of water so that they are covered, and leave them to soak for a week, remembering to change the water every day.

How To Prepare And Store Baked Black Olives
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After the week is over, preheat the oven to 150 °C, rinse the olives with water and make the last rinse with vinegar.

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Drain them well, then place the olives in a pan lined with parchment paper, seasoning them with oregano and chopped garlic, and possibly also add a pinch of chili if you like them spicy flavor. Bake them until they take on a shriveled appearance, leave them to cool, and place them in sterilized glass jars, hermetically sealed, covering them with extra virgin olive oil and placing them in the pantry in the dark. This way, it is possible to keep them even for eight months.

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