Cooking Cabbage With Vinegar: Simple Recipe

Simple to prepare and tasty, with the pleasant and robust flavor of winter vegetables, cabbage with vinegar is a classic Italian cuisine. In reality, many Eastern countries also use this gift from the garden for excellent dishes. The simple recipe with a light vinaigrette of red or white wine is a good basis for many preparations. The best option, given the cabbage's intense flavor, is certainly red wine vinegar, especially the slightly full-bodied ones.

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To cook cabbage with vinegar, it is also a good idea to choose a good extra virgin olive oil that is not too strong, using it to fry a beautiful white or golden onion, cut it into slices in a large pan. While waiting for our onion to brown over medium heat, cut the cabbage into strips.

The onion should sizzle gently and dry well before pouring the sliced ​​cabbage into the pan. After turning it well to get the flavor of the to sauté, move on to the stewing phase, pouring a glass of red or white wine vinegar, as mentioned before, and covering the pot.

Cooking Cabbage With Vinegar: Simple Recipe
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When the vinegar has reduced, add, if necessary, a ladleful of already salted vegetable broth. Mix well, raise the heat and cover again to stew your cabbage with vinegar. In principle, it will take about 20 minutes, but it depends entirely on the strip's thickness.

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The cabbage must be nice and soft, and only at this point can we remove the lid and reduce the liquid. The side died can accompany second courses of meat, with which this vegetable fits very well and some fish, such as tuna and salmon, which have a strong flavor that cabbage does not cover.

In reality, you can also mix cabbage with vinegar with fatty and seasoned cheeses for rustic canapés, or even use it as a filling for sandwiches and sandwiches. In a few minutes and at a low cost, we can obtain a wild dish with excellent winter season vegetables.

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