How To Cook Zucchini In The Oven: Tips To Enhance The Flavor

Zucchini is a popular vegetable that is often used in cooking. They have good taste, fresh, and not invasive. Unlike many vegetables with a bitter aftertaste, they tend to be neutral, making them suitable to accompany any dish, making them an always perfect side dish.

Be careful because the zucchini's minimal intense flavor means that a wrong combination can completely cover them. In particular, pay attention to cooking in the oven, which, compared to cooking in a pan or steamed, must be treated in a particular way.

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If we want to cook zucchini in the oven, we have more options to enhance the taste. The first is the simplest and is also the one that enhances the aromas. Just cut them into rounds or long strips, covering with salt and pepper or any other powdered spices.

How To Cook Zucchini In The Oven: Tips To Enhance The Flavor
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You can also brush them with extra virgin olive oil before sprinkling them with herbs to make them crunchy. However, this case cut them very thinly and set the oven temperature to 210° C, cooking until the chips brown on the surface.

In the first case, a temperature of about 180° C will suffice, and our courgettes will be left to cook until the white part loses color. Obviously, you can also cook these vegetables differently, a little richer, to make them a sweet side dish.

A good option is to brown them in the oven with breadcrumbs, oil, and Parmesan, first cooking them covered in a pan to soften them and finally grilling them for a few minutes. You can also make gratinating more delicious by adding slices or mozzarella, previously cut and left to drain, to prevent it from adding moisture to the zucchini.

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Obviously, the tastiest way to eat baked zucchini is to make them stuffed. You can stuff them with white rice, mixed with Emmentaler cheese, but also with a filling of breadcrumbs, tuna, and capers. Instead, pay attention to meat fillings or those with more types of cheeses, which can alter the simple taste of zucchini, which also accept the dominant flavors, but with the risk of losing the vegetable's flavor.

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