How To Remove Pollen Stains From Home Textiles

Pollen is a real enemy of fabrics. Unfortunately, the flowers are wonderful but can be aggressive and difficult to remove. How you do it? Here are some tips for removing stain removers at home.

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What do you need to remove pollen? You need liquid laundry detergent, cold water, and a stain remover, possibly with active oxygen. Another option is bleach, if the fabric is white.

Never try to remove a pollen spot by rubbing or wetting it. If the dirty item is labeled dry clean, take the laundry's garment and point out and identify the stain. If possible, share the type of flower that caused this problem. Lilies are usually the main culprits.

How To Remove Pollen Stains From Home Textiles
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If you decide to use a household dry cleaning kit, use a commercial solvent (avoid DIY products) or the supplied pen to remove stains before placing the garment in the dryer bag. There is no guarantee that the pollen will be removed. This is important to say because there are excellent cleaning products on the market that cannot guarantee that the “damage” disappears, also because you may have made a series of mistakes that have worsened your stain and its resistance to washing.

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If you have decided to wash with water, fill a sink or basin and put some bleach or the product with active oxygen in the cold water. You have to leave the fabric to soak for several hours (the time obviously determines the label of the detergent you purchased). After soaking, wash the item according to the guidelines on the label.

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