Red Wine Stains On The Wall: How To Safely Remove Them

The red wine is a classic drink that accompanies lunches and dinners, yet; it is precisely red wine that is often the protagonist of slightly lively toasts, which make the liquid splash on the tablecloth, but sometimes also on the nearest walls.

The red wine stains on the wall, which is snow-white or colored, can be a problem. Unless the paint used is water repellent (such as an epoxy resin), then expect unsightly sealing wax, burgundy, or garnet-colored patches on the surface touched by the splashes, notches on which it is essential to act immediately to prevent them from leaving halos. Here is how to clean the stains off.

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Being prompt in cleaning is, in fact, the only way to avoid the risk of having a polka dot wall, so it is good to arm yourself with the essential tools for effective washing, which include sponge, cotton, or sponge cloths, 3% hydrogen peroxide, water, and bleach.

If you act quickly, as soon as the wall gets stained with red wine, it might be enough to wipe it with a damp sponge to remove any trace of drink from the wall; if the stain has dried, you might have to act more deeply.

Red Wine Stains On The Wall: How To Safely Remove Them
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Pour a small amount of peroxide on the sponge cloth and dab the wine stain without rubbing not to expand it. Finally, after leaving the solution to act for a few minutes, remove with the sponge just moistened with water.

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Also or you can use a solution based on water and bleach in a 4: 1 ratio, in which to immerse a cloth to be squeezed carefully before passing it on the wine stains on the wall. When they are gone, rinse them with plain water and wipe down the surface with a dry cloth.

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