How To Clean Mascara Stains From Fabrics

Make-up makes us more beautiful and makes us feel more secure. But beware, because the much-loved cosmetics, those that crowd our cosmetic bag, also have some adverse effects. Let's talk, for example, about mascara. Irreplaceable to make the eyes make-up more complete, giving a touch of charm to the eyelashes. 

This irreplaceable product also has the "vice" of irreparably and rather evidently staining everything it touches, which results in black streaks on the fingers if we rub, or even creepy streaks on clothing allow if we forget to remove it. The problem is that getting rid of the stain is not easy, and it is important to know how to act to avoid streaks.

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How to clean mascara stains from cotton

If you have stained a natural and resistant fabric, such as linen, cotton, and cotton jersey, the first step to remove traces of mascara is to spread the garment on a flat surface and moisten the stain sponge towel soaked in cold water.

How To Clean Mascara Stains From Fabrics
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To do this, use a small bowl filled with water and ice. After wetting the fabric, pour a spoonful of dish soap into the bowl and mix. This detergent has, in fact, a greater degreasing power than normal detergents and is, therefore, more effective for this type of stain.

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Use the sponge once again, dipping it in the freshly prepared solution and spreading it on the stained cotton, dabbing it carefully. Do not rub to avoid spreading the halo of dirt but dab until the stain disappears.

Finally, wet the sponge under the jet of cold tap water and remove the traces of soap from the treated fabric. Let it dry and, if necessary, wash it by hand or in the washing machine for deeper cleaning.

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