How To Properly Freeze Strawberries: Three Proven Ways

After all, its season is short-lived, and you want to feast on your favorite berry all year round and even in winter. Unlike jams and compotes, frozen strawberries retain more useful properties, and their taste is close to fresh. If you have a freezer, keeping this berry until very cold is not a problem at all. But in winter, you can treat yourself to fresh berries, cook strawberry compote, or use it as a filling for pies.

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Take a flat plate or cutting board and wrap it in a plastic bag. Spread the strawberries in one layer over the entire surface and place them in the freezer for a couple of hours so that each berry grabs.

Your frozen strawberries will be packed in the bag. Tie the bag, releasing air from it. Place these packages of berries in the freezer for long-term storage. Due to the separate freezing, the berries do not stick together, and the packages with strawberries are portioned, which is very convenient.

How to freeze whole strawberries in the freezer

How To Properly Freeze Strawberries: Three Proven Ways
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Another way to freeze delicious strawberries is to sprinkle them with sugar, or better with powder. The fact is that strawberries partially lose their sweetness when frozen. To keep the berries tasty and sweet when defrosting, you can pre-sweeten them and freeze them with sugar. To do this, you need 200g of powdered sugar per 1 kg of strawberries.

Arrange clean, washed, and thoroughly dried strawberries in one row on a flat, wrapped in cling film and put for a few hours in the freezer. Then remove the berries from the film, quickly transfer them into containers, sprinkling with powdered sugar in layers. And put the containers in the freezer, where frozen strawberries can be stored even for a whole year.

How to freeze strawberries for the winter as mashed

How To Properly Freeze Strawberries: Three Proven Ways
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Another option for storing strawberries is to grind them first. If this is the case, you won't need to worry about the question of how to make mashed frozen strawberries in winter because this fruit is already completely prepared for further processing in the form of jelly, smoothies, sauces, or fillers, for example, for cereals or ice cream. For such, not even the first freshness and integrity of the berries are suitable; the main thing is that there are no spoiled ones among them.

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Before freezing the strawberries in the freezer, sort, wash and dry them, and then blend them with a blender until smooth. Fill a plastic container with the strawberry puree and immediately put it in the freezer until winter. By the way, sugar can be poured at will - strawberries will be perfectly preserved without it. You can add it in the winter before making a filling or sauce with frozen strawberries.

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