Never Eat These Foods When You Have A Cold

There is a considerable list of foods that are undesirable for colds. Nutritionists told what kind of food you need to exclude from the diet for the period of illness.

Hot drinks

Surely we will surprise many with the fact that hot drinks are undesirable during colds. Boiling water is irritating to the lining of the oropharynx, and you can burn your throat. Initially, it may seem to you that hot tea made you feel better, but this is just a temporary relief, which is replaced by a worsening condition. During colds and the flu, it is advised to drink plenty of fluids. Drink beverages warm or slightly hot - comfortable for your throat and esophagus.

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Lemon and other citrus fruits

And here is another "loud" refutation. It turns out that eating lemons and other citrus fruits during colds and flu are undesirable. Yes, they have a large amount of vitamin C, but these fruits also have many acids, and viruses and bacteria do well in an acidic environment. That is why it is recommended to drink mineral alkaline water for colds.


Honey is an excellent remedy for colds and coughs. It contains many vitamins and other biologically active substances that help to strengthen the body and speedy recovery. But there is one important condition here; in no case put honey in hot water (tea and other drinks). Not only does honey begin to lose all its beneficial properties when it comes into contact with a hot liquid, but compounds that are hazardous to health can form. Therefore, eat honey in a bite, and if it is heavily sugared, you do not need to heat it in a water bath.

Never Eat These Foods When You Have A Cold
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The thing is that sweets are a high-calorie food, which puts a certain load on the body. But other than that, sweets also suppress the activity of the immune system. So, American scientists have proven that abundant sugar intake reduces leukocytes' functionality - immune cells that protect our body from pathogenic pathogens and any foreign agents.

When eating sweets, sugar partially settles on the walls of the throat and oral cavity, which only promotes the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria, increasing the inflammatory processes in the oropharynx. If you cannot live without sweets, give natural sweets preference to dried fruits, berries, fruit drinks, and juices (no added sugar). However, in this instance, it is important to adhere to the "golden mean." Excessive consumption of these foods also harms the body.

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Coffee and alcohol

When you have a cold, coffee and alcohol must be excluded since they contribute to dehydration of the body, which is undesirable in viral respiratory infections that are severe. Even a small amount of alcohol during illness is not recommended.

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Sources: Today Lifestyle