How to Make Pancake Flour Waffles

There are recipes pigeonholed in the territory of sweets, which can be enjoyed as part of a menu dessert, breakfast, or snack, and although these types of recipes cannot be abused, it is positive to consume them from time to time and pamper yourself. For example, a lovely preparation is that of waffles, also known as waffles. It is an ideal recipe to dazzle both the smallest and the oldest in the house due to the great sweetness it contains.

However, waffles can also be salty and be as succulent as temptation as sweets, making them perfect as a main or sole dish. Thus, there are many ways to prepare waffles, but you have to start by knowing how to prepare the dough or base, and then we decide on a sweet or savory recipe. To discover how to make waffles with hot cakes flour, Keep reading this article.

8 diners 30 minutes Low difficulty
Steps to follow to make this recipe:

Step One

Before explaining how waffles are made, it is important to be precise about what they are exactly. On the one hand, waffles are also known as waffles, and it is around or rectangular dough, more or less crunchy, sometimes even similar to a waffle, which depends on its thickness and the cooking time.

The waffle dough is of Belgian origin, and to cook it, you must heat two plates and put the dough between them. It has a high caloric content (approximately 291 calories per 100 grams), hence moderation is advised when consuming it.

On the other hand, the hot cake, also known as pancake or pancake, is around and flatbread, giving rise to sweet and savory recipes. The mass of hotcakes or pancakes containing eggs, milk, flour, butter, sugar, yeast, and salt. Unlike crepe, it has a smaller diameter (approximately 10 cm). With the flour from these pancakes, it is possible to make waffles.

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Once you know what exactly waffles and pancake flour are, you can start making this recipe with more knowledge. To do this successfully, start by preheating a waffle iron, that is, a machine made specifically for making waffles.

How to make pancake flour waffles - Step 1
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Step Two

After preheating the waffle iron, proceed to mix all the ingredients in a bowl. You must add the pancake flour, the egg, the milk, and the oil. Subsequently, stir the entire mixture for several minutes until it forms a homogeneous dough without lumps.

How to Make Pancake Flour Waffles - Step 2
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Step Three

Let the mixture with all the recipe ingredients rest for 5 minutes while you grease the waffle iron with a little oil. This step is also important that you comply with it since this way, the waffle dough will have the desired consistency, and the machine will work perfectly to cook the waffles well, preventing the dough from sticking.

Pour the mixture into the waffle iron in divided portions or in the right doses to make one waffle after another, depending on the kind and size of the machine you have, to prevent it from exceeding the machine's capacity spilling the batter.

How to Make Pancake Flour Waffles - Step 3
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Step Four

Close the waffle iron and wait for the dough to cook to open it again. The time will depend on the machine's power, so check the instructions and watch to remove them when you see a suitable consistency and color. When it is done, remove it, and you will have to repeat this process until you finish with all the mixture. You will have your waffles ready!

How to Make Pancake Flour Waffles - Step 4
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Step Five

After discovering how to make waffles with pancake flour, you will surely need ideas to prepare the sweet and savory. Following suggestions so that you can make waffles of many flavors. We started with the waffles with banana, yogurt, and almonds. To make these waffles, follow these steps:

  1. Mix flour with milk, sugar, and two eggs in a bowl. Use a mixer to get a homogeneous mixture.
  2. Add butter to make the mixture somewhat thick.
  3. To make these waffles sweeter, you can also add vanilla.
  4. Put the mixture in the waffle iron and let it cook for several minutes.
  5. Serve the waffles on a plate and top with yogurt, chopped banana, and some chopped or sprinkled almonds, in the order you like best.
How to make pancake flour waffles - Step 5
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Step Six

Another way to make sweet waffles is to follow one of the traditional Belgian waffle recipes. Do this by adding some chopped strawberries, chocolate syrup, and a scoop or two of ice cream. With these extra ingredients, you will turn this recipe into a lovely and tempting dish for any diner.

This recipe can be especially delicious and slightly different from the typical one if you make the chocolate waffle batter.

How to make pancake flour waffles - Step 6
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Step Seven

To make salty waffles, you have several alternatives. One of them is to make chicken bacon waffles. To make them, prepare the waffle base and fry a chicken breast and make bacon in strips. You can also add lettuce and sauteed onion slices.

As a dressing, you can use something fundamental or go for the mustard and honey sauce or a ranch dressing, a sauce made with sour cream, onion, mayonnaise, and garlic powder.

How to make pancake flour waffles - Step 7
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Step Eight

Another salty waffle option is with roast beef (15-minute oven-roasted tender beef) and cheese. To make roast beef and cheese waffles, prepare the basic dough that we have explained in this recipe and prepare a roast beef with cheese or buy it done and chop it to place it on the waffle.

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You can combine it with mayonnaise or mustard and sautéed onion. A salad, onion rings, and even some baked potatoes will complete this dish.

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