How to Lower a Fever Naturally

The presence of fever in the body is because it's fighting to defeat a virus or bacteria that has crept into the body. It is only a sign that our body is working to defend itself and to be able to expel the intruder, and, for this, we feel how the temperature rises, tired, with a headache and discomfort.

You should be aware that, in addition to the usual medications, some natural ingredients can lower fever and make us feel better. This article will demonstrate ways to reduce your fever naturally so that you can feel good again as quickly as possible.

Infusions to Lower Fever

You should know that to lower the fever naturally, you can rely on the therapeutic qualities of several plants that are intended to alleviate this condition. Here are the best ones

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  • Sunflower infusion: this plant manages to reduce the temperature of our body. Therefore, it is one of the most recommended to reduce fever. You will only have to be able to a handful of dried sunflower flowers, mix it in water, bring it to a boil and then strain it. If you want, you can add a little honey or stevia to improve its flavor.
  • Thyme and chamomile infusion: thyme contains antiseptic properties, and, for its part, chamomile helps fight bacteria by strengthening our immune system. Therefore, by mixing both plants in an infusion, you will achieve a very remarkable effect.
  • Orange infusion: this citrus fruit is very rich in vitamin C, so it will help us to strengthen the organism and to be able to recover our state of health. To take advantage of these benefits, you will only have to prepare an infusion with orange peels and water and, later, drink only the liquid.
  • Sage infusion: this is one of the perfect medicinal herbs for fever as it allows the skin to perspire and, therefore, regulate the body's temperature. To achieve this, you will only have to prepare a sage tea by boiling several leaves with water.
  • Lettuce infusion: although it seems strange, the truth is that lettuce is a vegetable full of water and will help us stay hydrated. You will have to bring water to boil and add a few lettuce leaves, let it cook for 15 minutes, and then drink it.
How to lower fever naturally - Infusions to lower fever
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Foods to Lower Fever

It is also important to use vitamins in food to strengthen our body and to be able to fight against the discomfort of fever. Therefore, you must pay attention to the diet that you will follow during these days and choose the following:

  • Fruits: Fruits are rich in water, so they will help us maintain proper hydration. Also, they are rich in vitamins and nutrients that will strengthen us and make our body's ability to fight the condition.
  • Vegetables: they are also a great source of nutrition that provides large amounts of water, making them ideal for lowering body temperature.
  • Fat-free: keep in mind that when you have a fever, your body spends most of its energy to fight the condition. Therefore, it is not recommended that you fill your stomach with food or fat as it would cause life to focus on digestion, and therefore, recovery would be slower.
How to Lower Fever Naturally - Foods to Lower Fever
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Other Tips to Lower a Fever Naturally

In addition to infusions and food, other tips will help you reduce fever naturally by resorting to folk remedies that have been used throughout life. Here are some suggestions to speed your recovery.

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  • Onions and potatoes: these two foods have anti-inflammatory properties that will restore your body temperature and stabilize it at normal levels. To take advantage of these benefits, you will only have to cut an onion or potato into slices and place them on the soles of your feet; to hold; you can put on some socks.
  • Warm water bath: it is another of the tricks that will lower the temperature; Above all, make sure that the water is not too cold as you could make it worse. You will have to spend about 5 or 10 minutes in the bathtub, and you will notice that your body begins to cool down, a fast and effective way to fight the fever.
  • Drink plenty of water: we have already said that infusions, fruits, and vegetables are recommended to treat fever because they hydrate us. And it is that fever produces dehydration; therefore, it is essential to regulate water levels so that the body is strong and ready to combat discomfort.
  • Rest: the body will be fighting to fight the fever; therefore, you will be exhausted and want to sleep. Do not deny it because it is the best way to allow your body to be exclusively dedicated to recovering.

This article is merely informative. We do not prescribe any medical treatment or make any diagnosis.

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