How To Grow The Beefsteak Tomato: 12 Useful Tips

Growing the beefsteak tomato is easy. The fruits can weigh more than half a kilo and are tasty. The beefsteak tomato comes from America, in the United States, and it is also known as an Oxheart.

1) For cultivation, choose a sunny (east-west) location, preferably in soil that does not hold water.

2) In the fall, you can work the soil, even to loosen it.

3) Add mature manure or compost to the soil.

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4) Sow the beefsteak tomato around February-April, depending on the area you live in. At least 12 hours before planting, soak the seeds.

5) When the plants reach a height of about 4 centimeters, leave only one per pot. When they are over 10 centimeters tall and have 4 leaves, you can transplant them.

6) Alternatively, you can directly take the seedlings with earthen bread and plant them in the spring.

How To Grow The Beefsteak Tomato: 12 Useful Tips
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7) Leave about 40-50 centimeters of the distance between one plant and another and about 1 meter between the rows.

8) To irrigate, use pipes with holes (perforated hoses) or, at the limit, use the grooves. However, avoid wetting the plants from above to prevent mold.

9) To grow the oxheart tomato, support the seedlings with canes or braces to which you can secure them as they develop.

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10) To cultivate this variety of tomatoes, you can make a mulch with straw on the appropriate dark sheets.

11) To favor the production of beefsteak tomatoes, eliminate the lateral shoots of the plants.

12) After the beefsteak tomato cultivation, do not plant it again in the same soil for 3-4 years and avoid planting other vegetables of the same family such as aubergines, potatoes, and peppers (Solanaceae).

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